What is eyetrackingR?

eyetrackingR is an R package designed to make dealing with eye-tracking data easier. It handles tasks along the pipeline from raw data to analysis and visualization -- as illustrated in the eyetrackingR workflow. Check out the vignettes to the left for some gentle introductions to using eyetrackingR for several popular types of analyses, including growth-curve analysis, onset-contingent reaction time analyses, as well as several non-parametric bootstrapping approaches.


eyetrackingR is currently downloadable from Github using devtools.

Make sure you have the devtools package installed:


Then to install and load eyetrackingR, simply run:


A brief example

This code uses eyetrackingR to clean, summarise, and perform a growth curve analysis of eye-tracking data from a two-alternative forced-choice experiment.

About the authors

eyetrackingR was created by Jacob Dink and Brock Ferguson. Jacob and Brock received their PhD's in Cognitive Science from Northwestern University and are now co-founders of Strong Analytics, a data science consulting and development firm.

How to cite eyetrackingR

We are presently preparing a manuscript introducing eyetrackingR to the field; however, for the time being, please support this open-source package by referencing this official website:

Dink, J. W., & Ferguson, B. (2015). eyetrackingR: An R Library for Eye-tracking Data Analysis. Retrieved from http://www.eyetrackingr.com.

Have a bug report? Or a question?

Post it at the Github issues forum, email Jacob or Brock, or tweet us @jwdink or @brocferg.

How to contribute

Fork our project on GitHub.